Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Have You Ever Been to Whistler?

Hello! Happy Spring :) 

Finally a monstery update! I have been wanting to share this exciting news for awhile, but had to wait until it was "official". "Official" meaning, getting my butt in gear and getting all these monsters sewn and tagged, and shipped off.
 I was contacted about a month ago, from a lovely lady at the Summit Lodge in Whistler BC. Asking to adopt a pile of monsters to put in their hotel rooms for adoption. Such a cool idea!

 And so, the sewing began. These guys were really excited about their 
mountain adventure, the ski-ing, and the spa. 
 Finally getting to #100 in about 4 weeks. Tagging them, and shipping 
them off. I chose not to name these, so if you end up adopting a Summit Monster, I would love to hear what name you came up with! I will attached pictures of them to my flickr page, and will add 
the names in, if you send them my way ;)
Exciting news in my little monstery world!

So, if you are in Whistler, and adopt a monster while staying at the
 Summit Lodge, send pics my way ;) I would love to see them! 

Pile #2 is in progress :)

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