Thursday, August 15, 2013

Happy August

 Hello! Happy August! Trying to keep more current with my blog, thought I would share a few photo's of some recent monsters :) I have been sewing like crazy, without procrastination this time, and lots of newbies are taking shape :) The downside... socks and stuffing are depleting. I had no luck shopping for either last weekend, but this weekend will try again!

 Some new faces that were recently shipped off to Whistler :)
I am loving the little cyclops red head, he looks rather mischevious!

  Batch #2 has been shipped to Summit Lodge, and number 3 is in progress :) I am also adding to the pile, to get my etsy shop plumped up a bit, as well as 1 Christmas Craft Sale I've decided to attend on November 30th, in Lacombe. I will post more on that as I get details.

 I hope everyone is having an awesome summer vacation! And I know, if you are like me, back to school is nearly as exciting :) I love the break, but I love routine too. 

In my never ending journey, trying to make some of these guys a bit
"different", I am liking this new look :)

See ya soon! xo

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