Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Where in the World is Masaka, Uganda?

 Recently, a friend of mine mentioned her dad was heading off to Uganda this month on a mission. I don't think I really understood what it was all about until I sat down and had coffee with Bruce, and read up a little more about it here, and here. Long story short, 9 people off to Masaka, Uganda to help out, in most any way they can. Currently fundraising for children, schools, families. To help them buy chickens, pigs, pay school fees, & access to clean water. 

In the article you will read, they are going to give a "hand up", not a "hand out." Helping the locals learn to sustain themselves.

100% of the proceeds go to the people of Uganda. 
 So, these little guys will be making the journey over there as well. A rather small contribution, but usually a given smile if nothing else.
Monsters love kids, and kids love monsters, so they are of course excited! Annnnd, we've been told that banana's are quite popular as well. Monsters + Kids & Banana's = Love
 I'm excited to hear about the trip,  and hope to update when I can :)


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