Friday, December 5, 2014

20 More Sleeps

Hard to believe that Christmas will be here and gone before we know it! I am nearly done my shopping, besides my boys. Online shopping has been seriously awesome this year though! One more trip to the mall, and I will be done ;) Wrapping is my fave!
I have a couple orders to finish up this weekend, superheros :) And I have been adding to my etsy shop every couple of days :) You can check them out here.
My mom always called this the "expensive cheese" when I was a kid. And the only time we had it, was when they ordered cheese trays (normally at Christmas). Because I can... I have been buying these for my kids every week for 10 years now :) And these festive wrappers make them that much better! Seriously, get some :)
Leroy, away from the knives, fit perfectly in the cutlery drawer. My boys are not keen on him. Yet.

I'm going to think about some holidays baking next week. Some faves are of course the Nuts and Bolts, Whipped Shortbread, and these Cookie Bites! This post, has some awesome recipes too!

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