Thursday, January 22, 2015

Happy 2015

Christmas came and went in a blur, as usual. But it was also lovely. My boys spoiled me this year, we had nearly 2 weeks off together, that never happens anymore. You start to realize as they get older that time really is precious. xx

It was VERY cool to ship monsters off to Germany, Scotland, and the US during the Christmas season. I love handmade, and find more people appreciate the love and uniqueness that goes into it. So thank you for the monster love! 

I have been stitching away continuously, hoping to keep my etsy shop plump, and besides Whistler, I have a few monsters going to Northwest Baby Co. in GP.
I am hoping to keep up with the blogging in the New Year. Sherman is getting excited for Valentine's crafts and baking :)

Loving the little smirks on these guys lately.

Will post soon! xx

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