Sunday, February 8, 2015

Minion Valentines!

Minions are one of my most favorite things, besides monsters ;) Annnd I kinda like Valentines too! So, when I saw THIS POST on Pinterest, I had to pick up a box of twinkies! You can click the link for her direction, and print out of the minions :)
I used photoshop to make these little tags,and printed them out of cardstock, but you could easily cut them freehand and write out your tags!
You need twinkies, tape, scissors, twine, tags, and a printer!
Sherman wanted to help out, and helpful he was :) There are 8 twinkies in a box, and you will notice I have 6 complete valentines....
Once you tape the wrapper on the twinkie, punch a hole in the top of the wrapper, tie on the tag, and you're finished! So cute! And great for anyone :)
Who is your favorite minion??

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