Thursday, April 30, 2015


Hello! Happy April, soon to be May. My blogging hasn't gotten any better... I'm still working on that. I've been sewing daily, with majority of my monsters going to Summit Lodge :)

Normally I would have some lovely flower pics of plants popping up in my beds. But my yard has been massacred, & my perennials are in pots... deep breaths! - We have a summer project on the go :)
This little guy moved to Hawaii last week, I can see why he's so happy!

Always seeking different looks for the wooly grey guys. I do like these antlers :) Gives them character for sure!

If you are on instagram, you can find my feed by searching "stufdmonsters", lots of new faces there. I will continue to try and update my Etsy shop regularily, which just hit 200 sales. HOORAY! As well as my Made Urban.

I am really hoping to do a Red Deer market or two this summer! Will be posting more on that when I know. xx 

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