Monday, December 3, 2018

Meet Zeke

Ok guys, I may NEVER get better at blogging. 
When I do get the chance to get on here, I'll share monster bits!
Such as this Fun Flexin Guy named Zeke. 
Zeke was a custom order for a fitness studio, and had to weigh 20lbs, to prop the door open for some air flow during workouts! So we made a cement weight to go inside him. Added some rope to pick him up without tearing fabric, and stuffed and stitched around it.
Super cute and definitely one of a kind! 


Friday, March 30, 2018

Spring, Blogging, & March Snow Storms

Hello! A quick blog update, upcoming shows tab will take you to the 2 Spring Events we will be attending. You can also find more information on the "events" tab of my facebook page. Monsters are super excited for both of these!

This is how we feel about snow at the end of March.
About 6 months of snow now. 
About living in Alberta ...
About not blogging for 8 months. EIGHT! 
Always a work in progess! So much sewing! You can see lots of newbies on my Instagram HERE :)

Happy Easter!