In 2008 I started making sock monsters as a hobby. Some for my kids, then friends, then a few farmers markets, etsy, and so on. 

I've been sewing monsters for approximately 12 years now, having made approximately 20,000, they have travelled all over the world. I occasionally attend seasonal markets, sell at local handmade shops, and on etsy. Alot of monsters have been adopted at Summit Lodge in Whistler BC. They are an awesome Boutique Hotel who puts monsters up for adoption in their hotel rooms. 

I am soooo fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Summit Lodge, and my monsters have travelled far and wide with their guests! Amazing! Check them out, Canada's Best Ski Boutique Hotel!

Each monster is individual! The body shape with my machine, +
 the rest is done by hand. Making them all one of a kind!

Monster Love RULES! xx

Summit Lodge
Etsy Shop

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